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Released: Jun 15, 2013
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Application VidCoder-1.4.22-x86.exe
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Application VidCoder-1.4.22-x64.exe
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Application VidCoder-1.4.22-x86-Portable.exe
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Application VidCoder-1.4.22-x64-Portable.exe
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Release Notes

New in 1.4.22
  • Added Xbox 360 preset, thanks to Relhak.
  • Added Spanish translation, thanks to fantasmanegro.
  • Added Basque translation, thanks to azpidatziak.
  • Fixed behavior of custom anamorphic auto display width and max width/height.
  • Fixed double-logging on local encodes.
  • Fixed remote encoder not using libdvdnav even when enabled, which had caused some problems with multi-angle DVDs.

New in 1.4
  • Updated HandBrake core to 0.9.9
    • Blu-ray subtitle (PGS) support
    • Additional framerates: 30, 50, 59.94, 60
    • Additional sample rates: 8, 11.025, 12 and 16 kHz
    • Additional higher bitrates for audio
    • Same as Source Constant Framerate
    • 24-bit FLAC encoding
  • Added Windows Phone 8 and Apple TV 3 presets
  • Introduced process isolation for encodes. Now if HandBrake crashes, VidCoder will keep running and continue processing the queue.
  • Added view modes to the Preview window. Now you can see the image in 1:1 or in "Corners" mode to show a close-up of cropping results.
  • Overhauled the Options dialog
    • Better, more organized interface
    • Resizable
    • More options
    • Dedicated Updates panel with more information and the ability to check for an update manually
  • Big update to video range UI
    • There's now a bar you can click to set the start and end: left click to set the start and right click to set the end.
    • "Start Seconds" and "End Seconds" have been replaced with editable duration fields with the format 0:00:00 . Should no longer require math to actually set. :)
    • Replaced Chapters queue column with Range queue column and made it work for all modes.
  • Greatly improved x264 options
    • Preset is now a slider
    • Can now set H.264 Level (incompatible levels for source are grayed out)
    • Added "extra options" text box to Video tab to remove the need to use the Advanced tab
    • Added "Fast Decode" checkbox to support multiple tunes
  • Added a portable version. This packages up VidCoder as an .exe file that does not need to be installed. Be aware that it's not completely portable as you still need .NET 4 Client Profile on the computer for Windows versions earlier than 8.
  • Moved options storage to SQLite rather than the standard .NET user config. This means less chance for config settings to get corrupted.
  • Laid groundwork for the next beta to install side-by-side with the stable version.
  • Fixed non-centered text, bad coloring and inconsistent button looks in Windows 8.
  • Added Hungarian translation, thanks to Brechler Zsolt. You can pick your preferred language in Options -> General. If you want to see VidCoder in your language, help out on VidCoder's Crowdin page.
  • Updated WPF text rendering to use the better Display mode.
  • Added a menu option and button to close the current video source and get the initial "pick source" UI back.
  • When doing batch file encodes, VidCoder now picks the default title to encode rather than just the first one every time (useful for ISOs).
  • Disc folders can now be batch-added with drag and drop in the same way that ISOs can be.
  • Added the ability to set a custom completion sound.
  • Added an option to set a custom video player.
  • Added ability to set the priority of the worker process.
  • Individual encode jobs now log to a separate file as well as the main consolidated file.
  • Added the option to copy the encode job log to the same output folder as the encoded video.
  • Added preset name as optional queue column.
  • Mixdowns that are not supported by the current source are now grayed out.
  • Custom formatting now works on batch file encodes.
  • Fixes for many bugs, including batch encoding, sizing behavior and many more

Reviews for this release

Possibly the best video encoding software available. I've tried most others and found this to be the smoothest, hassle-free x264 encoder.
by Keno123 on Jul 3, 2013 at 11:46 AM