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VidCoder (x64)

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Path: D:\Filme\xXx\xXx - Triple X (D&E).avi

Title: 1

Range: All

Worker ready: Service state is Opened on pipe VidCoderWorker.8cf74b07-0079-48d2-b276-5b00a40785ee

Connecting to process 676 on pipe VidCoderWorker.8cf74b07-0079-48d2-b276-5b00a40785ee

Connection to worker failed after 10 retries. Unable to find endpoint.

Encode failed.

Job completed


RandomEngy wrote Jun 29, 2013 at 7:18 PM

Do you have Garmin software installed on your system? It messes with VidCoder's process isolation. You can get around it by going to Tools -> Options -> Advanced and uncheck "Use worker process to encode".

Elrob wrote Jun 30, 2013 at 6:56 AM

Thanks, with this option it seems thats its workink now