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Encoding a short clip loopback!


Getting this to work is very difficult in any Vidcoder version I have used. Encoding a short 15 second shortclip(size makes no difference!) using either mp4 or mkv as a container just keeps reloading the video like a loopback issue with Media player Classic loading at the end of the second time. Can't get it to work at all! Is it a bug?

Below is part of log which deletes itself after "exiting early" has been deleted and loads up again for the 2nd time again(and in log again when clip is generated) after 1st preview has finished. No encoding of clip is ever done!

1st time
[19:17:08] sync: first pts is 4665
[19:17:25] sync: reached pts 1352261, exiting early

2nd time
[19:18:34] aac-decoder done: 0 frames, 0 decoder errors, 0 drops
[19:18:34] mux: track 0, 359 frames, 829020 bytes, 441.70 kbps, fifo 512
[19:18:34] mux: track 1, 704 frames, 181929 bytes, 96.93 kbps, fifo 1024
[19:18:34] libhb: work result = 0

Finished preview clip generation. Size: 999 KB

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