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New feature request- import audio from another video file


New feature suggestion

Let me start by saying that I’ve switched from handbrake to Vidcoder. Among the many things I like about Vidcoder is the ability to pause during mid encoding and the fact that there is still “Target size” function (please don’t ever lose this, there are many uses for this). Keep up the good work.

The new function suggestion – the ability to “import” an audio track from another video file into the video file you are going to encode. Eg. – you have 2 files of the same movie. One file has bad quality video, but an audio commentary track is included in the container file. The other file has good quality video, but no commentary audio track. So I would like a function to extract the commentary audio track from the bad quality file and include it in the good quality file I’m about to encode.


RandomEngy wrote Oct 17, 2013 at 4:31 PM

I'm reliant on the HandBrake API for encoding, so this won't happen until they add such a feature. From experience I don't believe this will happen.