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How do I restore the tabs?


I've clicked on the little 'x' on the main page on Vidcoder and they have disappeared, can you tell me how to restore them please? I've had a go but can't see how. The tab to see completed downloads is gone and so are a few others.

BTW, I do a lot of encoding but have only recently discovered Vidcoder. I previously used DVDFab but Vidcoder is quicker, doesn't crash every 2 minutes and has more useable functionality. I'm very impressed, I can't believe you give it away for free.



TSVTV wrote Nov 29, 2013 at 4:53 AM


I am encoding a lot of files and they all have .srt files. When I go into the edit to check them, they are all just Episode 1, it's not putting episode 2 in the episode 2 file. Is there any way of changing it so it recognises the right one? At present I have to go in and delete each one and then re-add them.

Many thanks

RandomEngy wrote Nov 29, 2013 at 6:29 AM

That "close" button is really the "Clear Completed Items" button. Once you've cleared them you can't get them back. As for SRT files, you need to add those one by one; VidCoder doesn't have a way of matching the SRT files up with their specific episode.