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Time Range selection


In trying to track down a problem with 'Decomb' I was trying to render out the last minute of a video (to look at the credits). The easiest way is to use the slider, but after rendering I did not have the segment I wanted. So I tried setting the In and Out times with the text boxes and found that it is not possible to select anything in the last minute or thereabouts. Say the program is 30:25.0 and you type in 29:25.0 and 30:25.0 the out point is changed to 03:xx.x which is prior to the in point thus impossible. The slider also won't let you get to the end of the program. Program length (of several programs) has been verified in VLC and MediaInfo and an editing application, so there is definitely a problem in Vidcoder.

A suggestion: Could you change the range selection from hh:mm:ss.ssssss to hh:mm:ss:ff (hours:minutes:seconds:frames) please as fractions of a second down to microseconds is not really much practical use and not how editing app's display time.


RandomEngy wrote Jan 12, 2014 at 6:37 PM

Doing hh:mm:ss:ff could be difficult due to variable framerate. But it sounds to me like your issues are stemming from VidCoder misjudging the length of the video, correct? I wasn't having any problems selecting a time range in the last minute.

jaydear wrote Jan 12, 2014 at 7:57 PM

Yes, that's right. In the meantime I have installed HB and found that it gets the length wrong in the same way, so maybe it's not VC! I wonder if the "Encode Failed" problem may be related to this wrong length error.

If you add a "Length" column in Win 8 Explorer it reports the correct length for mpeg2 files. I think HB is developed primarily on/for Macs so if the developers are just porting it across to Windows there may be something inherently wrong with how they determine the length of a video file. Mac OS is definitely a bit deficient in the file management area compared to Windows XP/7/8.

I don't understand variable framerate. I always set VC to "Same as source + Constant framerate". I don't know that I have ever had or even seen a file with variable framerate, I certainly have never generated one knowingly.