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So Big Problem For Vidcoder 1.5.15 Beta And Others Revision


First So Many Thanks For Created VideCoder Encoder Tools
But So Many Big Problem See Vide Coder Encoder Tools
Problem İs Encode For Videos Usually (.vob to mp4 or mkv to mp4) Encode After
Video Preview Doesnt Work For Video Files Files And We Didint See File Preview All Platfoms (win 7 Or win 8)
You See This Files
I Converted So Many Video For Vid Encoder But Wont Work Preview To Converted Files
Please Fix This Problem Because I Like VidCoder Video Tools :)
And Thanks For Helping


RandomEngy wrote Jan 18, 2014 at 8:47 PM

First off, please do not capitalize every word. Just the first letter of the sentence. Second, Windows doesn't support preview on all titles. For example it doesn't work on MKV. Third, try the same encode on HandBrake and see if it has the same behavior. If so, you should ask them for help.