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Drag and Drop can cause a crash


Dragging and dropping a folder or a bunch of files (say, 85 files in either case) into VC v1.5.15.0 beta x64 running on Win 8.0 can cause it to terminate unexpectedly during the scanning phase.

If some files have already been displayed in the Source list they are usually still there when VC is restarted (and will proceed to be encoded if "Automatically resume encoding on restart" is ticked).

When this crash happens it is possible to open the same source folder after restarting VC and then select say, 10 or 20 files at a time, and drop them into VC in several batches until the whole lot are accepted. This might take several attempts because VC may crash several times. After the list is eventually complete, encoding proceeds without further incident.

The first file in the list may be a failed conversion due to VC crashing when "Automatically resume encoding on restart" is ticked and one does not notice that it has auto-started.


RandomEngy wrote Jan 27, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Can you post a log from %appdata%\VidCoder\Logs to pastebin?

jaydear wrote Jan 30, 2014 at 4:35 AM

A funny thing happened on my way to the pastebin...

First up, it took me a while to recall that you have to have "view hidden files" turned on to even see that folder. Once I'd done that I quickly found the path you wanted, then I highlighted the file and shift-deleted it!!! Sorry, I was tired - that's my excuse and I'm stuck with it.

Anyway, since deleting the log I haven't had the problem. Can't force it to happen any which way, even with over a hundred mpeg2 files. Maybe the original log was corrupted?

I'll let you know if it starts happening again.