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Suggestion: multiple files with multiple titles


Hi there,

I'm finding VidCoder a really useful project. Something that would make life easier for me (and hopefully others) would be if there was a way to combine the multiple file and title adding functionality VidCoder already has into one easy step for batch processing.

For example - if I have a series box set that I want to encode with several DVDs, each of which contains several episodes, currently I need to open each DVD manually and then add the titles I want to the queue.

It would be great if VidCoder could take the title picking criteria I'd specified e.g. "All titles from 20 to 60 minutes" and apply this across multiple files. Two possible ways I can think of for implementing this would be: -
1) Add a checkbox to the multiple file selection window saying something like "Also add multiple titles using current criteria" which takes the criteria from the title selection dialogue and applies it to each file.
Or 2) Integrate the multiple file and title functionality into a single dialogue so that you can select multiple files then afterwards select the criteria for the titles you want to encode (based on length or title number for example)

This would be particularly useful for me since I've just bought and ripped the 44 DVD Frasier box set, so being able to queue the whole lot up for encoding in a couple of clicks would be pretty sweet!

Regardless of whether you get chance to implement this, thanks for making this great project available!


RandomEngy wrote May 16, 2011 at 4:08 PM

Hmm. I'll think about that. I can't add a checkbox to the multiple file selection window though, since that's a standard Windows dialog. For the same reason, I don't think I could easily integrate that UI with anything. I'm sure there would be some nice way to do it though.