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Subtitles Burn-In


Hello i have just converted one .mkv video that contains various .srt subtitles. I need to burn-in one subtitle in the converted video, because my Sharp TV doesn't read subtitles in any format.
I have choosen the right subtitle in the gui, and ticked the "burn-in" option, but the result in the converted video container is another separate subtitle (no burned in) that obviosly my tv doesnt read.
After the fail of AAC Passthrough, this is another bad fail.
Handbrake doesn't have any of those problems.

The tested system is Windows 7 X64, no QSV, 2 passes, Vidcoder 1.5.22 Beta X64.
Source video is 1080p X264 High@4.1, Converted Video is 720p X264 High@3.1. Source audio is AC3 5.1, Converted audio is AAC (FDK) bitrate 160 Dolby Pro Logic II.


RandomEngy wrote May 27, 2014 at 5:52 AM

Post the encode log to Pastebin. That should tell me what happened to the subtitle.