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Balance left and right cropping


There's an old bug in HB, or maybe the libraries it uses, that causes a vertical green stripe to appear on the RHS of the converted video. Apparently, this is triggered by uneven left and right cropping settings and it's a major annoyance when it happens. How hard would it be to add an option in the picture tab to force the left and right crop settings to match when it's in auto mode?


jaydear wrote Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 AM

On further searching it appears that this problem is down to a sensitivity in VLC which can be overcome by changing it's video display output module to something else. In my case that was "OpenGL video output". What it is in HB's files when the left and right cropping are uneven that should affect only some video output module + video card combinations in VLC remains a mystery. Windows media player plays the problem files just fine (provided you have an appropriate codec installed).