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1.5.24 beta: Subtitles not persisting


When using 1.5.24 beta, selecting a given subtitle setting is not always retaining that setting.

Before I elaborate further, I should mention that the transcode is honouring the setting when it is present (or absent). That's all working just fine.

The issue comes up when attempting to edit an entry already in the queue, or when attempting to queue multiple, similar source files (such as a TV series). If you select a subtitle than almost every time it will be unselected whenever you select a "new" source. This new source can be a different file (even if the subtitle tracks are identical), any entry in the queue and even the same entry that you've just added to the queue.

Naturally this results in edited queue entries occasionally being parsed without subtitles if you aren't paying attention, but more inconveniently it prevents the use of the "Enqueue Multiple Files..." option whenever a subtitle track is required.

Note that it does not appear to be limited to discs with multiple subtitle tracks, nor is it limited to using or not using the "Forced Only" flag. The subtitles in question are always part of the source container - not external files.


RandomEngy wrote Sep 16, 2014 at 4:03 PM

What should be happening is that chosen subtitles are preserved if the new source has a subtitle of the same language in the same slot#. Is that not what you're seeing? Doing this automatic picking is a bit tricky sometimes since there can be multiple subtitle tracks with the same language and their order can jump around, and you don't always know when it's safe to just select a new one.

Have you tried Options -> Audio/Subtitles -> Automatic subtitle selection?

Thalyn wrote Sep 17, 2014 at 4:10 AM

I'm not seeing that, no.

An example being that I recently transcoded the 4 available seasons of Dragon Ball Kai (in English - I'm not one of "those" people). The source files were MKVs that were directly ripped from the original DVDs, then split into individual episodes - all without any processing. Thus the tracks were identical (at least on a per-disc basis) in order and type, but each new source file required re-selecting the subtitle track in order to get the "forced" subs.

The same can also apply when sending a task to the queue, then immediately editing the new queue entry. The tracks are quite obviously identical in that case, yet the subtitles will typically be unselected.

I haven't tried the automatic selection as yet. Didn't even think of it while I was doing the discs!