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Seeking with x264 MKV glitches sometimes


I'm pretty happy with this app, but some of the encodes (from retail Blu-ray) I've done don't "seek" very well. It definitely appears to be encoder-related, because any of the files that suffer from the problem consistently exhibit the issue, whereas some of the encodes I produce with VidCoder consistently seek perfectly fine and I can swiftly jump around the timeline and from chapter to chapter without delay or glitching. I'm not messing with keyint settings. Doesn't appear restricted to any particular release.

This is a problem I have noticed specifically with XBMC. However, I don't think it's XBMC related, since it's so consistent and specific to particular files, rather than a random occurrence.

This is how I notice it: XBMC has keymaps for jumping back and forward in time. The ones I use most are "back 7s", "back 30s", "forward 30s", and of course, chapter skipping. Also, sometimes I use the "jump to a specific time" function. The problem I'm having is that at some point (but not right away) during playback these actions start to fail and instead of skipping back 7s or forward 30s or to a specific time or to the next chapter, it just kind of stutters and then keeps playing, and I have to stop and restart playback to get time skipping to work again, which isn't always successful, and often XBMC will fail to resume properly if playback is stopped in one of these "problem areas" and playback must be restarted from the beginning of the video.

Any suggestions on what to do about correcting this issue?


RandomEngy wrote Nov 8, 2014 at 4:31 PM

See if it happens in HandBrake and if so ask them about it. VidCoder uses the HandBrake engine to do the encoding, which would control how easy a video is to seek.