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More control over folder destination


Hi. I've been a long-time VidCoder user, and I've recently started using the "Enqueue Multiple Files" option.

In these cases, I find that I have to go into the options and set the default folder to the location where I want all of these files, rather than the default... and it made me realize that the users should have better/more control over where individual or batches of videos are saved.

I like the "default" option, but I'd also like to see a mass-edit for locations.

For instance, If I choose a batch of 10 videos to encode, and they all go to the default location... I'd like to select all the videos in the queue and be able to redefine the destination folder for the group. Currently, if I select them all and choose "Edit" it will pluck one from the list so that I can change the destination folder.

I hope I was clear in my request. Thank you for listening!