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Missing Subtitles


I am using the beta, and I've noticed that ever since I upgraded nearly everything I encode with PGS subtitles has missing subs here and there. What I mean to say, is that the occasional line is either never displayed, or overridden by a previous line. Watching the source files reveals the missing lines, and encoding the episode using the current stable version produces properly subtitled content as well.

It is my belief there is a bug in the underlying Handbrake version that is causing the subs to be improperly parsed/timed. Going further into the problem, I found that if I demux the source content using eac3to, build the resulting files into a working .mkv with mkvtoonix, and then feed that into the VidCoder beta it also produces a properly working file. So as I said, I am fairly certain the problem lies within the version of Handbrake VidCoder is based on, unless of course you have started doing your own PGS subtitle conversion.


RandomEngy wrote Nov 7, 2015 at 10:06 PM

Yeah you're right, VidCoder doesn't do PGS subtitle conversion. I just updated the HandBrake core in 2.7, so the behavior might be fixed. If it's still acting up, could you try it on the HandBrake nightly build to see who's fault it is?