Bug burnin subtitles

When i trancode a part of o movie form a .ts file to mp4 not all of the subtitles are burnt in the movie. The last 40 seconds of subtitles are not burnt in the movie. For the rest it is doing a ...

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Video plays back pixelated

After the video was completed, I tried to play back but the video was pixelated. The sound was good, but video was unwatchable. What is the issue?

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Encoding Issue!

Hi Guys, I load a DVD to VidCoder and Started to Encode! Here is my Setting Details Resolution : 608x256 Video : Average BitRate 2-pass Preset: High, 4.1, Slow Audio: He-AAC @ 64Kbps Target S...

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Storing settings and profiles in the same folder as VidCoder portable

Please add this in a future build to make VidCoder truly portable and easy to copy from one pc to another. Cheers and keep up the good work

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Can not choose several subtitles

Hello After updating to last version (1.5.31) O can not choose several subtitles anymore. It is a critical bug for me

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File Naming Annoyance

Hello, First of all, wonderful software, i've always used Handbrake but now i use this. I have an issue with the way the program chooses to name files when you select a folder instead of a file...

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x265 no video with 2 pass encoding

Hello, i saw that vidcoder is not encoding video with 2 pass x265 here is the error sample: http://www29.zippyshare.com/v/67575713/file.html

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Conversion from HVEC to H264 succeeds but the video always is cut short

Hello, I have a MKV video in HVEC H265 format that I am able to successfully convert but the finished MKV file or even when I convert it to MP4 always stops in this case at 18:01 whereas the comp...

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VidCoder No Longer Starts after 1.5.31 Update

Updated VidCoder from (x64) to (x64) and now I get an exception: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'VidCoder.Model.Database' threw an exception. ---> Sy...

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VidCoder no longer works for me

Something is weird in my system. Running latest Win 8.1 64-bit. I've been using VidCoder successfully for a couple of years, including the betas, but now every source encode fails. I've tried both ...

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