Vidcoder crash

Hi, I was queuing up a bunch of videos for encoding, when Vidcoder crashed with the following error: System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x80004005): malloc() failed out of memory at System.Da...

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Enqueue Multiple Titles with multiple perspectives

When using Enqueue Multiple Titles, the Titles which have multiple perspectives are only added once with the first perspective. It would be great to have the possibility to add all perspectives als...

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Suddenly CPU usage sky high - 1.4.25 (x64)

Dear, Since about 1 week, my machine started crashing. Some investigation learned me that it was due to the process VidCoderWorker.exe which pushed my CPU usage sky high (see attachment), eventua...

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Catastrophic failure that required uninstall

I had two ISO files queued up to convert to MP4. When I tried to add a specific third one, it failed with this message, AND, in order to get it to run again I had to uninstall and reinstall, I susp...

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Version 1.5.24 doesn't scan titles correctly

Version 1.5.24 shows wrong list of DVD titles. Version 1.4.25 finds main title correctly. Screenshot from both versions attached.

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1.5.24 beta: Subtitles not persisting

When using 1.5.24 beta, selecting a given subtitle setting is not always retaining that setting. Before I elaborate further, I should mention that the transcode is honouring the setting when it i...

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Vidcoder preview window problem

The preview window was grabbed by windows 7 and pulled out to full screen, I have now turned off snap but I cannot resize the window, it ALWAYS opens up full screen, and cannot be resized, no corne...

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Balance left and right cropping

There's an old bug in HB, or maybe the libraries it uses, that causes a vertical green stripe to appear on the RHS of the converted video. Apparently, this is triggered by uneven left and right cro...

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Feature Request: PAL Conversion Functions

Most movies (or other filmed material) when converted to PAL are sped up by 4% to 25fps. (Sometimes they don't even do pitch-correction). I'd like to see VidCoder be able to slow the film back...

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Can you please add a function to burn .ass file?

First of all, sorry my bad English. I was read Handbrake -h, then I think that Handbrake can't burn external subtitle file into a video. However I found VidCoder 1.5.24 Beta can do it but srt-fi...

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