1.4.24 (x64) - x264 Preset

x264 Preset doesn't work as I would expect. Very Fast creates a smaller file and lower bit rate than Medium. There are no stable 1.5.x versions so I haven't tried any of those. Medium: Video ID ...

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Presets not reflected in settings GUI

Since the preset changes in 1.5.19 presets saved with previous versions aren't being displayed in the GUI. As far as I can tell the options are still applied in the encode it's just the GUI isn't d...

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When DVD turn the MP4 file, the computer is crashed

hi When i will DVD turn the MP4 file, in Process, the computer is crashed, I tried it several times is true.so how to resolve?!tks!! setting:

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Chapter name encoding - VidCoder-1.5.18-Beta-x64

Hi, I wanted to convert my DVD with chapters. Converting was successful, but the encoding of chapter names had a mistake. When I named a chapter as "Köszöntő", it displayed as "KöszöntĹ‘" i...

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Bluray conversion error

When trying to convert Star Trek Into Darkness Bluray to MP4 VidCoder exits after a couple of minutes of video. It shows 2+ hours is available to convert however it stop after five minutes or so o...

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Enders game problem

Tried to encode enders game and it does only the first few seconds I copied to hard drive using anydvd and it still will only do the first few seconds. All over movies so far worked great.

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Even I put constant framerate at the settings it gives me variable framerate...

and the source has constant framerate... When I encode the video at MKV it gives me contant framerate the problem is with the mp4. I tried the latest beta and stable, 32 and 64 bit...but nothing......

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Restart required to change options

I get caught occasionally when changing an option such as <tools| options| file naming| output to the source directory if possible> and <tools| options| audio/subtitles| automatic subtitle selectio...

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VidCoder crashed hb.dll

Anytime I try to encode a dvd Windows opens the error applet and says VidCoder needs to be closed. VidCoder Beta X64.

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exception crash

Tried different settings and found that there was a conflict with the destination folder. Fixed that and the same thing happened. Originally, I had populated the que by drag and drop. After a fe...

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