Green noise line to right of screen

This does not happen with all encoded videos, but only occasionally. Once the video is encoded to MP4, I get a green line that runs down the entire right side of the screen, as shown on the attach...

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2.3 fails rips, just like 2.2

Logs attached.

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Suggestion: send email or SMS when done

This would be nice so that I would know when to put in a new disc to encode :)

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B2.2 Video Filter custom settings insistence

It would seem that if anything is in the "custom" section for any of the Video Filters than it will get passed on to the encode, regardless of whether you've actually chosen to use the custom setti...

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Converted files stop at 4:50

Hi! First of all, let me say how good Vidcoder feels as user experience. I'm having a problem with all my videos though: I'm converting from avi to H264 mp4 and all videos will convert with 4mi...

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Vidcoder has stopped working

I have run into an issue recently where when I select the source for Vidcoder I get the wonderful Windows 7 "Vidcoder has stopped working Windows is searching for solutions". I am running Windows ...

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Often crash!

Hi. I get very often a crash after I click encode! Look my logs please!

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H264/QSV failed to initalize, can't figure it out

Hello, I am trying to use the QSV encoder in VidCoder 1.5.31 and no matter what I do, whether I use new, old, 64 or 32-bit versions, uninstall, reinstall, remove Handbrake, I can't seem to get Vi...

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Does not preserve "date taken"

Hello, I have noticed that the coder does not preserve "date taken" sometimes.

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Too slow (7 hours)

Hi guys ! I was adding subtitles to a 1080p movie and choose the burn mode. I haven't adjusted any settings, and the app is using 100% of my 2x1.5Ghz CPU. This must be fixed, because I can't work ...

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