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Burn In Subs Hardcoded (Help Pretty Please)

Jul 30, 2013 at 5:51 PM
Hello, I want to burn in sub, basically a watermark in the file so, that people can't change the srt in mkvmerge or remove my srt subs and add their own subs to show file come from their site! Okay, I'll make it easy!

Things I have -

1 720p mkv file around 1GB (English Track, No foreign parts)

2 - Wanna encode to 480p

3 - Add/Burn Hardcore Subs in to the output 480p mkv file.

I have tried importing the srt file in the vidcoder and encode the file but when you open that file in mkvmerge it shows that additional srt file w/ audio and video section -

Please see this image -

Now some people remove that srt file and demux the file w/ only two (Video and Audio) and then they add there own srt file and mux it and show they own/encoded the video!

So, someone pretty please tell me, how to fix this thing! How the subs can be hardcoded and can't be shown in Mkvmerge.So, even someone add it's own my subtitles text will always come on file!

Anyways tweaks/settings in subtitles section? Force English Track tweak or something or any other way around by which I encode the file by vidcoder and then add the HC subs as it takes me hours to encodes and anyone can own it in 2 mins.

I hope someone here guide me through!